Choosing Perth Livestock Fencing Systems

Perth is one of Australia’s premier farming areas and a popular tourist destination for tourists. This area has vast untamed areas of rolling hills that slope down into the coastal sea and there are a number of small but very beautiful towns scattered along the coastline. It is not unusual to find farmers here not using traditional fences for their cattle but instead using Perth livestock fencing to protect their property and keep out the local cows. There are a number of reasons why fencing is a good idea for both farmers and landowners. The most obvious is that it provides safety to your animals and increases the value of your property.

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Perth livestock fencing comes in many different styles and types including vinyl, chain link, corrugated metal and plastic. Each of these materials provides different advantages when it comes to what is best suited to the requirements of your particular farm or ranch. As Perth is surrounded by water, there is a need to make sure you have the right fencing material in place to prevent water running into your fencing. This is easily solved by using vinyl or steel mesh.

Another major concern for many farmers with rural properties is keeping predators out of their stock pens. This includes foxes, coyotes and opossums and it can be a huge problem to hunt these animals if your farm is located in an urban area. Perth is fortunate in that there are a number of companies specialising in predator control. Some farmers may not have access to this type of specialist fencing material which makes it particularly important to ask when purchasing your Perth livestock fencing systems.

Perth is fortunate in the way its topography. The hills and plateaus surrounding the city are ideal locations for livestock to thrive and produce quality meat and eggs. You should try to work closely with your local government to find out what the legalities are regarding installing fenced enclosures in your property. A local council in Perth may even have specific regulations in force relating to this type of fencing and it’s best to make sure you stay on top of these to ensure your fencing meets the highest local standards.

Perth livestock fencing comes in a variety of materials. It’s best to choose a material that best suits your needs. Aluminum and galvanized steel are popular as they’re durable and require little maintenance. Plastic, vinyl and wood panels are also popular. The type of material you choose will depend on the type of livestock you have raising on your farm as well as your budget.

No matter what type of fencing you need in Perth, it’s important to hire a professional installer with a background in this industry to ensure your fence installation is completed to your best expectations. Perth is fortunate to have several companies that offer top quality fencing and the experience to ensure your fence installation meets all Australian Industry Safety Requirements. With a little research and a bit of time it’s possible to find the ideal Perth livestock fencing system for your farm.